TDT 039 - Manchester Drone Pilot Ella McKendrick

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Sep 5, 201835m
TDT 039 - Manchester Drone Pilot Ella McKendrick
Sep 5 '1835m
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Ella McKendrick is a recreational drone pilot who is also using her drone to promote her lifestyle brand. Listen in as she discuss her editing process, Instagram advertising strategies, and why she is shooting JPG instead of RAW photos!

When speaking about Instagram ads, Ella gives us tips on how to best target your ads so that you're not just throwing your money into the wind. Strategies discussed include age, gender, and location targeting based on your desired audience.

If you're already promoting your drone business via Instagram or Facebook ads, how's it going? Do you find that you're getting the desired results from it? Have you thought about utilizing brand ambassadors? If you're not sure what that is, listen in as Ella discusses how she uses brand ambassadors, and how much it costs to have someone else promote her product.

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