EP #7: Witnessing the urge

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Jul 6, 201721m
EP #7: Witnessing the urge
Jul 6 '1721m
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The last thing you want to do is hang around with the urge to binge, right? There’s no doubt that your urge is super-compelling. But there’s also no doubt that your prefrontal cortex is super-powerful. Armed with the brain science we covered in the last episode, you can learn how to defuse the urge to binge by witnessing it. And nothing defuses your urges like compassionate curiosity—you’ve got it, a form of self-regard! Episode 7 teaches you how to track what’s happening for you during an urge and how to disengage from any drama with the technique called the “Behind-the-Scenes Movie Trick.” You’ll learn that you don’t have to binge to make the urge go away. You’ll also learn that you have two powerful allies with you on your journey to end binge eating. Listen in to find out more. This episode continues the conversation we began in Episode 3 about how self-regard will get you a whole lot closer to ending your binges. Episode 4 focused on weight, Episode 5 looked at dieting. Episode 6 began to tackle the urges to binge. The following weeks will continue to discuss the urge to binge and will also cover the bingeing itself, the aftermath of bingeing, and weight loss after the bingeing has stopped. Get full show notes and more information here: https://www.holdingthespace.co/7

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