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Jun 27, 20182h 37m
The Defy Life Podcast - Who's That Guy?
Jun 27 '182h 37m
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In episode 63 of The Defy Life Podcast the guys discuss NBA free agency, NFL top 100, ways to improve USA soccer and more! Hosts: J.R. Glymph, Thomas Stephens, Keyonne Small, Alvin Glymph Topics: NBA: What to make of James Harden’s comments on LeBron possibly joining Houston? NBA: The most overrated / underrated players in our favorite teams’ histories. NBA: Why is the NBA Draft so anticlimactic? NFL: What changes would you make to the top 10 on the NFL top 100? SOCCER: USA soccer sucks. What can be done to fix it? QOTW: What is your take on male-to-female transgender athletes playing women’s sports? Trivia: Keyonne hosts again! Follow us on Twitter: @GoDefyLife Like us on Facebook: The Defy Life

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