Timothy Cardinal Dolan Archbishop of NY has warm words of encouragement

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Mar 31, 202025m
Timothy Cardinal Dolan Archbishop of NY has warm words of encouragement
Mar 3125m
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Prayer and heartfelt words of encouragement have helped me and many of us through dark times. As your Chief Attitude Officer (CAO) - today I'm honored to bring you THIS BELOVED AMAZING MAN! His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan Archbishop of New York, who continuously and selflessly brings so much hope and love to so many, including me personally. Cardinal Dolan joins The Debbie Nigro Show 11:06am EST today as I broadcast from home in New Rochelle NY, which the whole world now knows is deep in coronavirus cases vs the home of The Dick Van Dyke Show. We could really use some extra words of encouragement from Cardinal Dolan today who shares that he is frustrated he cannot touch people and is doing his very best to stay connected and offer hope love and prayers to us all.
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I'm offering anyone who needs a special prayer right now as we go through this difficult time - for themselves or someone they love to leave the name(s) in the comments section below and I will give Cardinal Dolan the list of comments and names directly so he can say a prayer over the list for all whose names appear here below.
While there are no public Masses in the Archdiocese of New York, the Mass continues to be celebrated. Here is the link to Cardinal Dolan's page :http://cardinaldolan.org

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