Fundivo Mother's Day Consumer Insights & Stu Haack, eCommerce Manager of 'Ethel M Chocolates' & Clay Gordon, 'TheChocolateLife'

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May 11, 201838m
Fundivo Mother's Day Consumer Insights & Stu Haack, eCommerce Manager of 'Ethel M Chocolates' & Clay Gordon, 'TheChocolateLife'
May 11 '1838m
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This is IT! And just about everybody is 'IN' to celebrate all the Moms, StepMoms, Wives, Daughters, Sisters, Grandmas and Friends for Mothers Day The MOTHER of all holidays to the tune of BILLIONS! Last year 21.4 billion was spent during Mothers day on cards, flowers, outings, gift cards, clothing and jewelry. The guys spent a little more than the girls, and the most money was spent by the 24-34 years olds. Terrific insights into consumer behavior on the celebration from Motherhood and a shout out today to Fundivo for gathering all this insight for us.


"THE MOTHER Of ALL CHOCOLATE!" Heard of 'Ethel M?' She was a woman whose son loved her so much he named a whole line of chocolates after her! Now THAT's LOVE! Who was her son? None other than Forest E. Mars Sr.! (Yup of the chocolate Mars Family) Who Knew? Today Stu Haack, eCommerce Manager of 'Ethel M Chocolates' joins me at 10:21 eastern, live from Nevada to talk about good ol 'Ethel Mars', who over a century ago, taught her son Forrest how to make gourmet chocolate candy in her Tacoma kitchen. Forrest had a passion for it and continued to perfect his creations over the years. When Forrest retired he became 'bored' and decided to create Ethel M Chocolates in 1978, which opened in 1980. According to researcher J.G. Brenner, "Forrest established the venture in Nevada because it is one of the few states that allowed the sale of liqueur-filled cordials." (Wikipedia) Ha! I love this story. A great Mothers Day Gift idea for sure!

Ethel M Chocolates include: specialty, premium copper kettle caramels, exquisite truffles, luxurious Satin Crèmes®, signature Crème Liqueurs, or chewy and crunchy nut clusters.

You can visit their chocolate and candy stores when you're in the Las Vegas area, and you'll see how they produce chocolate fresh in the desert in Henderson, NV at their historic chocolate factory or you can order online and they'll ship it fresh directly to any door. You can send a traditional or e-gift card. They Never Expire! Redeemable at

Ethel M Chocolates


Going Off On Chocolate Today Because I Noticed Chocolate Didn't Even Make The Top 6 List for Mothers Day Gifts? Reached out to 'my chocolate guy' (You know I always gotta guy or a girl lol). Clay Gordon of TheChocolateLife joins the show at 10:35am eastern to report in on chocolate trends around the world. Clay always reminds us, that even though you may not be able to afford the best real estate in the world, or the best car in the world, a $20 bill can buy you 'The Best Chocolate Bar in the World!'

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