Fitness Trackers & Drugs

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Jul 10, 201843m
Fitness Trackers & Drugs
Jul 10 '1843m
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I'm into tracking myself these days, my steps that is, trying to get to 10,000 a day to stay in shape! Other people however, are tracking their heart rates trying to stay alive while doing drugs? OMG. Shout out to USA TODAY on the show today for this heads up and blow head information. 

According to this article below on the subject, "It isn't likely to come up in casual face-to-face conversation, but scores of users on Reddit forums, Twitter and other social media sites write about the value of their Fitbit or Apple Watches tracking their use of cocaine, ketamine, speed, and other drugs. Dozens of these threadshave popped up in the past few years on the topic, some focused on cocaine and others on MDMA, also known as ecstasy.

FYI: "Cocaine can cause a user's heart rate to jump by unleashing dopamine into the body and producing a rush of adrenaline. An extreme increase in heart rate is far from the only risk posed by cocaine, which causes more than 5,000 people deaths a year from overdoses, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse."

"Overdose deaths can be tied to heart attacks, strokes and angina, along with other complications, none of which can be prevented with an activity tracker. Cocaine is also highly addictive, and medical experts generally agree that even occasional use can be harmful to a person's health."

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