Dead show/podcast for 8/28/09

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Aug 28, 20091h 31m
Dead show/podcast for 8/28/09
Aug 28 '091h 31m
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This week we have the entire second set of the Dead's wonderful performance at the Orlando Arena on April 7th, 1991. A splendid example of Garcia and Hornsby, this set opens with a splendid Crazy Fingers into an always enjoyable Playin'>Uncle John's>Playin' sandwich... I especially enjoy the jamming in the Playin' reprise, which goes into a very enjoyable drumz>space segment. 

The set closes with a wonderful Hornsby presence on the 'Baby Blue' encore.. 

Grateful Dead
Orlando Arena
Orlando, FL

Crazy Fingers > 
Playing In The Band > 
Uncle John's Band > 
Playing In The Band > 
Drums > 
Box Of Rain (05:09)
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad (08:07)
Turn On Your Lovelight (06:24)
ENCORE It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (07:15)

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