Why Are Liberals So Afraid of These Questions? (Ep 1219)

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Apr 2, 20201h 1m
Why Are Liberals So Afraid of These Questions? (Ep 1219)
Apr 21h 1m
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In this episode, I address the explosive unemployment numbers and, despite liberals gloom and doom, some potential good news about the recovery from the virus. I also address the troubling report about government spying that was even worse than originally reported.  News Picks: Jobless claims soar. Did the Wuhan Virus originate in a Chinese lab? US intelligence nails China to the wall on their Wuhan Virus deception. The NY Times humiliates itself, again.  Collusion hoaxer Adam Schiff is already looking to start another investigation.  Does this company have a treatment for the Wuhan Virus? Firearm sales are surging during the crisis, as sensible Americans ignore the advice of liberal gun-grabbers.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.

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