Most Hated Foods, Trump’s Self-Made Myth 10.4.18

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Oct 4, 20181h 11m | se51 : e4
Most Hated Foods, Trump’s Self-Made Myth 10.4.18
Oct 4 '181h 11m | se51e4
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In episode 245, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Jamie Loftus to discuss the 'Presidential Alert' text message American's received, Adam McKay's new film about Dick Cheney and the Bush Administration, how Trump's brand is suffering since he entered the White House, the GOP's lack of care for women, the truth about Trump receiving a ton of money from his father, the most hated food in each state, and more!


1. Merrill Markoe, Megan Koester to Debut Podcast ‘The Indignities of Being a Woman’ (EXCLUSIVE)

2. Cellphone users nationwide just received a ‘Presidential Alert.’ Here’s what to know.

3. Christian Bale Is Fully Committed to This Dick Cheney Part and His Transformation Is Proof

4. Speed Read: The 5 Richest Bits in Forbes’ Look at Trump the ‘Net Loser’

5. Trump Isn’t the Only Republican Mocking Survivors of Sexual Assault

6. SRA Poll shows ND Senate race numbers, reaction to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh case

7. Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father

8. This Map Shows The Most Hated Food In Every State

9. WATCH: Cirandar by Seu Jorge

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