Well, that was offensive - Ep. 190

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Feb 7, 201927m | se2 : e190
Well, that was offensive - Ep. 190
Feb 7 '1927m | se2e190
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It’s a short list of things that you should stay away from, which most people will find extremely offensive, yet time and time again people keep finding themselves in hot water. Will there be a point in the future when something we commonly do today will be considered offensive? Two weeks ago, nobody in Canada would have known who the governor of Virginia is but thanks to the internet, every story is a worldwide story and so we all know who Ralph Northam is now and have seen “the photo.” On this episode we examine the Northam story, the changing culture and things you really shouldn’t ever say.

The Daily Derringer Podcast -- Thursday February 7th, 2019

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