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Hockey Drama - Ep. 189
Feb 6 '1933m | se2e189
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Auston Matthews will be a Toronto Maple Leaf for the next six springs. When you put Matthews, Tavares, the other players and signing bonuses MLSE has to pay as of July 1 this year, it will be to the tune of $50 million – about the revenue they make on popcorn sales at Scotiabank Arena... This is the window of opportunity for the buds to bring the Stanley Cup home to hockey city. As exciting as this news is for Leafs fans, Mitch Marner’s agent, Darren Farris burst the bubble not even 24 hours after the announcement of the $58.17 million Matthews deal, claiming the Leafs were low-balling Marner. Major hockey drama has ensued; twitter’s on fire, so on this episode we dissect the situation and potential futures for Toronto hockey.

The Daily Derringer Podcast -- Wednesday February 6th, 2019

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