#49 - OMG - We're Having Another Baby!

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Nov 10, 20174m
#49 - OMG - We're Having Another Baby!
Nov 10 '174m
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Hey everyone. Welcome back to the daily call. On today’s daily call, I’m very happy to announce that we are having baby number three. OMG! It is about to get crazy in our house. It’s actually been out there for a little bit now with our family and just publicly with our friends and stuff like that online, so you may have seen stuff. If you have, I appreciate all the nice comments. But I just wanted to add something in here because we do a daily and we can talk about it. But for me, this is insanely like… I’m happy about this for sure. It was definitely a surprise. We were not trying for number three right now. Not that we weren’t looking to have more kids in the future. We just wanted more spacing between those. But I mean, look. We obviously have the means and are definitely more than happy to have another baby in the household. I think that our girls are going to be insanely excited about it. They know and we’ve told them, but they really don’t know yet. They think it’s like a toy that’s coming, like a baby is coming. I don’t think they really understand the full impact of having another baby. But for us now, it’s going to be baby number three.

We do not know what the baby is and we won’t. We’re definitely old school in the sense that we always wait to find out what the baby is, whether it’s a boy or a girl when we actually have the baby. It’s really surprising for us and definitely is going to be exciting. I’m definitely either excited or scared. I don’t know which right now, maybe both emotions on having another baby because if it’s a girl, I’m used to that, but then I’m going to have three girls and I’m thinking to myself like, “Oh my gosh. Later on in life, I’m going to be in for it because these girls are going to just totally take control of me.” The other side of me is, “What if I have a boy? I have no idea what to expect.” I’ve kind of mastered the girls. I’ve traded girls. I got that. I understand that dynamic. But if I have a boy, that’s obviously going to be a totally different dynamic and while that would maybe add a little bit of balance to the numbers in our house with the girls and being outnumbered, I think it’s going to be a totally different dynamic. Either way, we’re super-excited about it and like I said, we’ll keep you guys updated with everything.

How it changes my thought process and what I do now is probably the same as when we found out that we were having our first and then our second. Seems like every time that we have a new kid, I get more laser-focused on streamlining what I do, on improving the systems and processes that I have in place and frankly, just getting stuff done early. Now, there’s a huge push obviously. No pun intended on pushing a baby out. There’s a huge push. When this baby comes, then I’m going to have less time than I have now. That obviously means that I need to get a lot of stuff done in place now that sets me up for having the ability to have three kids in the household and then also to do everything else I need to do. I think that we’ve obviously got a good system in place already because we do a lot of stuff right now that most people can’t do by themselves and we got a great team behind us. But for me, it’s just a big push to get some of the research done in advance, get some of the software stuff taken care of in advance, so that I have some extra time to give to my kids and to my family when they need me for those first couple of weeks or whatever the case is.

I think ultimately though, it’s going to be a fun process. My oldest is already in school, so we’ll still only going to have two at home, so in that sense, it’s totally manageable. But road trips and plane trips now are going to be totally different. I mean, to think about… We only have a car and a small SUV, so we have to think about that. It’s definitely a huge change for our family, but something we’re very, very excited about. I’ll obviously give you guys more updates as we keep moving forward, but I just want to share the very, very happy news here today on the show. Until next time, happy trading!

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