#37 - Limiting Beliefs Are Like Weeds

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Oct 29, 20174m
#37 - Limiting Beliefs Are Like Weeds
Oct 29 '174m
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Hey everyone, Kirk here again at Option Alpha and on today’s daily call, I want to talk about why limiting beliefs are like weeds in your brain. This is really relevant because I think that we all fall subject to this or pray to this that these little tiny seemingly impossible things that could just blow up and just ruin us and decay our belief process and our confidence are these limiting beliefs that we set on ourselves. Actually, a good friend of mine and I was watching a webinar that heeded on real estate, Brandon Turner from BiggerPockets, he even said in his webinar which is why I thought of this today, is he said if you just ask the question or whenever you hear somebody say something, so if somebody said, “Wow! I made $100,000 in real estate.” or trading or whatever the case is, most people start by saying, “Wow! I could never do that.” That’s a limiting belief right there. That little comment that you just made to yourself is a limiting belief that you can’t achieve it. Instead, you have to turn things around from, “I can’t do that.” or “I can’t believe he did that.” to “How do I do that?” I think that even just that one word, I think it’s so incredible, just the power of that one little word that it might even have in just your own thought process and your own confidence, is just asking how for a lot of things.

Anything that you see out there, any belief structure, any success that you see or any people that you admire or you have envy over, you have to start asking yourself like, “How do I do that? If somebody else did that, how can I do that?” Then you turn it from a limiting belief like, “I can’t do that.” or “I don’t have the skills to do that.” or “I don’t have the money. I don’t have the time to do that.” You turn it into a question of how and it forces you and it forces your brain into a different direction that actually starts to look for and solve the problem. It actually happens in your brain and you don’t even know that this is happening, but your brain is now starting to look for the answer for you subconsciously by just asking the word, how. My challenge to you today is – Think about all the little things that you think are meaningless, that are all these limiting beliefs that you’ve set on yourself that have really decayed and have taken over your brain, your health, your relationships, your wealth. It’s all of these little things that just start to add up. They’re like little weeds that get planted. When you see weeds in a garden, you’re like, “Oh, there’s a couple of weeds.” Then you come back like five days later and like, “Holy crap! There’s all these weeds everywhere. They take over.” It’s that same process that happens in your brain. You let these little things go, just these little tiny slips and you don’t really care about them and eventually, it just snowballs into this big thing that just consumes you and then you have no way of getting out of it.

I think that this is really important. I think people especially in the trading world often come into this business and I see it all the time because I see the emails of the “I can’t.” or “I don’t.” or “I’m this type of person.” Look. I’ve seen people at every stage of life with every possible excuse you could imagine and still become successful. People who are military veterans with PTSD, successful. People who have had cancer four or five times, successful trading. People who joined our program at 89 years old and have been successful. People who have joined our program at 18 years old and have been successful. Everybody has done it before you. Somebody has the blueprint. Somebody has walked the walk and talked the talk. You just have to figure out how to make it work for yourself and stop limiting your potential and start asking questions like, “How do I do it?” or “What could I do differently?” Those are the questions that maybe will help get you in a better trajectory.

Hopefully that helps out. As always, spray some weed killer, kill out all those limiting beliefs that you have and start growing and start moving forward, start actively being a participant in your life. As always, if you guys have any questions or comments, let me know. Until next time, happy trading!

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