Jan 25, 20191h 26m
Emma Bunton, Shaun Ryder & UFOs #165
Jan 251h 26m
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Chris is convinced Dom is having some kind of breakdown, but Dom is adamant he has just seen a UFO. The team speak to UFO expert Nick Pope, as well as believer Shaun Ryder, who both reassure Dom he isn’t actually having a midlife crisis and he probably did see extraterrestrial activity in the sky. The team play a hilarious round of The Accent Game with some very dubious results, Pippa tells the story of how she locked herself out and so had no choice but to go to the pub and Mystery Guest Roger Tilling drops by, but where do you recognise his voice from?! There's more... - Pippa’s friend has an inappropriate dream about another Radio X presenter - Matt demonstrates his severe lack of football knowledge - The team play another edition of Reverse Words - Tommy Cooper Tuesdays Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6:30-10am RadioX.co.uk

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