May 8, 202047m
Matthew Cordell (2020)
May 847m
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Matthew Cordell (@cordellmatthew) shares HELLO, NEIGHBOR!: THE KIND AND CARING WORLD OF MR. ROGERS. Matt was first on the show back in 2015 for a book called WISH. At the time I used to close each episode with this question: I’m assembling an all-star kidlit kickball team? Who would you want to be on your team? Fred Rogers, he answered without hesitation. Like many, I’ve watched Matt’s career over the past decade and I’ve been moved by the stories he’s chosen to work on. The works are often quiet, centering on children and speaking strongly about safety and protection and care. Matt’s newest book is his first work of nonfiction and it centers the life of a man which many, many of us are inseparably familiar. In a journey 10 years in the making, HELLO, NEIGHBOR is the first authorized picture book biography of Fred Rogers, and it resonates with the soul and mission and gentled approach of the man himself.

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