EP 003: W. Edwards Deming

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Dec 29, 20181h 15m
EP 003: W. Edwards Deming
Dec 29 '181h 15m
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W. Edwards Deming, the man many feel is responsible for Japan’s post-war economic success of the 1950s  thru the 1980s, was largely ignored by U.S. industry before the Japanese heard about his theories and realized the benefits.

Due to his post WWII work, Deming is revered in Japan. They even have an annual competition for the top implementers of quality management and the winner is awarded the Deming Medal. Named after, you guessed it, Edwards Deming.

He created a revolution in quality and economic production throughout the world. And if you go into the Toyota headquarters in Japan there are three portraits in the lobby – the founder, the chairman, and Deming.

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