Ep. 11 Crimes of the Century

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Apr 4, 20191h 51m
Ep. 11 Crimes of the Century
Apr 41h 51m
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Crimes of The Century is a term used to sensationalize events that are larger than the era they happened. Media gives this term to special cases in history like the Lindbergh baby kidnapping. We explore a bunch of these cases. As you will see that there are dozens of the Crime of the Century.

Some of these crimes are truly worthy of the title. However, some of these are as simple as stealing a pie that is cooling on a window sill. Media has had a long history of getting eyes to the story so they over use the term.

When we are through with this episode, you will be able to rank these and figure out what is the real Crime of the Century. Craig and Jason will give their vote to the real Crime of the Century. What is your vote? Leave a comment below to show your crime that is worthy of the title.

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