Has Narendra Modi changed India?

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May 23, 201928m
Has Narendra Modi changed India?
May 23 '1928m
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It's the world's biggest organised event: 900 million eligible voters across India have been to the polls in the last six weeks after five years of Narendra Modi's BJP government. Narendra Modi's ambition was to project India as a global economic power, clamping down on corruption and burnishing its national security credentials. How far has he achieved this? And to what extent should India's non-Hindus be concerned about Narendra Modi's brand of Hindu nationalism? David Aaronovitch speaks to experts to find out. GUESTS: Dr S Y Quraishi - Former Chief Election Commissioner Soutik Biswas - India correspondent for BBC news online Kunal Sen - Director, Professor of Development Economics, University of Manchester Ambassador Nirupama Rao - India’s foreign secretary 2009-11; former ambassador to the US, China and Sri Lanka James Crabtree - India expert at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore and author of The Billionaire Raj

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