The Motivation Killer


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The Motivation Killer
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In this training, Brendon talks about facing this motivation killer head-on so that you can stop living a CAGED life, and start living the CHARGED life.

This clip is from my 4-day seminar, High Performance Academy.

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Fave quote: “People dread difficult conversations. I enjoy them. That’s why I became a coach. I love difficult conversations. I learn so much. I find so many avenues to help people. I see so much transformation. It’s through that struggle, strife and conflict that we might find the right thing for everybody. I love that participative process. Let’s do it. This is going to be great. Because, when I was young, I dreaded it, and that’s what led to bad relationships in my life. I dreaded having the conversation, so I gulped down what I needed. I didn’t share with other people what I really thought, what I really felt, what I really wanted of life, and so my life was caged. And then I realized, I’m just dreading things that I haven’t developed skill at or chosen to strategically engage."

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Brendon Burchard is the world’s leading high performance coach, a 3-time New York Times bestselling author, and one of the most-watched, quoted, and followed personal development trainers in history. O, The Oprah Magazine and SUCCESS Magazine have both named him one of the most influential leaders in personal growth. SUCCESS Magazine featured him on the cover of the magazine in its October 2017 issue.

Brendon is also in the Top 100 Most Followed Public Figures on Facebook, with over 10 million fans across his pages. He is the star of the most-watched direct-to-camera personal development show on YouTube. His videos have been viewed more than 100 million times. Over 2,000,000 students have now completed Brendon’s online courses and video series. He’s created 13 blockbuster online courses in personal and professional development, including the most popular motivation and high performance courses of all time. For these results, named him “one of the most successful online trainers in history.” 

A #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and #1 USA Today best-selling author, Brendon’s books include The Motivation Manifesto, The Charge, The Millionaire Messenger and Life’s Golden Ticket.

Brendon’s most recent work is High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way. He is also the executive producer and star of THE BRENDON SHOW on iTunes, which debuted at #1 on iTunes across all categories in its first season (previously titled The Charged Life).

As one of the most requested motivational speakers in the world, Brendon has shared the stage with the Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, and many of the leading influencers of this era. His live seminar events – named as “must-attends” by Entrepreneur Magazine – continue to sell out to audiences from around the world. Meet him at

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