The Cast of "Den of Thieves" Interview and more

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Jan 9, 20181h 15m
The Cast of "Den of Thieves" Interview and more
Jan 9 '181h 15m
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Tuesday 1/9 - Today on the show the whole cast of "Den of Thieves" pulled up on The Breakfast Club (50 cent, Gerard Butler, Pablo Schreiber and O'Shea Jackson Jr.) They spoke about the movie, and as always 50 cent had some shade to throw. Moreover, we also had Lonnell Mitchell the owner of "The Source" magazine stop by where he spoke about "The Breakfast Club" recreating the classic 1997 cover "The Firm" on The Source's "Power 30" issue. Moreover, Charlamagne gives "Donkey of the Day" to everyone that thinks Ginuwine is trans phobic.

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