Music Exec. Lyor Cohen Interview and More

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Aug 1, 20181h 11m
Music Exec. Lyor Cohen Interview and More
Aug 1 '181h 11m
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Wednesday 8/1 - Today on the show we had founder of 300 Entertainment and YoutTube Music Head Lyor Cohen stop by where he spoke to us about Kanye West, Migos having an issue with 300, artist using drugs and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Jeffrey Whitman again, the man who followed a black man home just to call him the N- Word, but instead of being aggressive he is now sad and complaining how the video ruined his life. Moreover, we did an update on an Ask Yee from last week with a girl who was suffering from depression and hooked her up with a doctor.

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