Oct 19, 201815m | se1 : e12
Part 3, The Gap Map | 012
Oct 19 '1815m | se1e12
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In this episode of The Blue Collar Businessman, Shahn continues the process of the Gap Map and setting your first 90-day target. Getting your mindset clear on where you are and what you want is what will guide you to setting a target to get there; one your mind can wrap itself around and know that it can achieve.


Join your host Shahn Ellis, the Business and Breakthrough Coach for Blue Collar Business Owners, as he leads and guides you from desperation to liberation; the freedom you were seeking when you started your business. If you have found yourself feeling incarcerated by your business, Shahn is here to give you, the listener, the tools, blueprints, and keys to the kingdom. He will coach you, “The Blue Collar Businessman,” on how to become the successful and deeply connected, man, husband, and father you were meant to be.

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