Two-Hour NBA Trade Deadline Extravaganza (Ep. 324)

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Feb 8, 20182h 1m
Two-Hour NBA Trade Deadline Extravaganza (Ep. 324)
Feb 8 '182h 1m
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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by his old ESPN buddy Ryen Russillo to discuss Isaiah Thomas's value in the NBA today (6:00), OKC's positive outlook for keeping Paul George (13:00), the pitfalls of the NBA salary spike (20:00), LeBron's new teammates (34:00), LeBron's next move (54:00), and the impressive upcoming 2018 NBA draft (1:06:00). Then, another former ESPNer, Tom Haberstroh, offers his thoughts on who won the trade deadline and the one trade that didn't happen that should have. Finally, Joe House hops on the line to give his opinion on what it would take for the Wizards to give up John Wall.

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