Ep. 44: Week 17 NFL w/ Cousin Sal

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Dec 29, 20151h 18m
Ep. 44: Week 17 NFL w/ Cousin Sal
Dec 29 '151h 18m
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HBO's Bill Simmons brings on Cousin Sal to discuss the NFL's final regular season week of the NFL regular season. Topics include: the latest Steelers/Tomlin meltdown, GB issues (8:00 mark), Bill's defense/explanation of NE's loss on Sunday (15:00), Coughlin's future (21:00), NFC and AFC homefield advantage scenarios (29:00), Bill's favorite new streaming series (40:50), the Peyton Manning saga (51:00), Packers-'Sota (1:00:00), Jets-Bills (1:09:00), Andy Reid's Andyreidness and possible Playoff Wonk Teams (1:12:00) and Bill's special holiday gift for Sal!

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