Ep. 164: Mike Lombardi and Sarah Tiana

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Jan 18, 201757m
Ep. 164: Mike Lombardi and Sarah Tiana
Jan 18 '1757m
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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons brings on Mike Lombardi to discuss Antonio Brown's locker-room video (6:00), Will Fuller's inopportune drops (10:00), the Chiefs' defensive miscues (13:00), Le'Veon Bell vs. Bill Belichick (16:00), Falcons-Packers (21:00), Steelers-Pats (28:00), and Jimmy Garoppolo's trade value (30:00). Then, comedian Sarah Tiana joins to discuss her Falcons fandom (36:00), Arthur Blank's mustache (41:00), problems with 'The Bachelor' (44:00), and betting on 'Roast Battle' (52:00).

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