If the climate can change, so can we

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Feb 8, 20190m
If the climate can change, so can we
Feb 80m
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A new approach to the defining story of our time might help us finally develop a framework to make a difference. Now that extreme weather is the new normal, individual efforts to fight climate change can feel pointless. What good is making sure you take transit when it's -35 one day and 10 degrees the next? But defining climate change as inevitable is a marketing strategy used by those who profit off of our inertia. So you can change the story, but not by riding a bike or recycling. Research shows there is one thing we can do that's both easy and effective—you have to tell people you care; not with depression or sadness but with concern and hope. That's what moves the needle. But how do you start those conversations, and with whom? Also...can we still enjoy unseasonably warm days in the dead of winter without guilt? Asking for a friend who hosts a podcast... GUEST: Catherine Abreu, executive director, Climate Action Network Canada

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