The Big Scoop Episode 46: Law and Chaos (Astral Towers)

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May 22, 20171h 6m
The Big Scoop Episode 46: Law and Chaos (Astral Towers)
May 22 '171h 6m
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The Big Scoop is back (Did it ever actually go anywhere?)! Jesse and Jon return(?) to speak about Astral Towers, everyone's favorite puzzle game wearing the skin of a strategy card game. And boy howdy is it a solid puzzle game. Also discussed is commander, the MtG format with singleton hundred card decks. Some Scoopies might just be playing some commander, and they might even have some differing opinions on the merits of "casual/competitive" formats. We bring the heat this episode. Be forewarned. Links 'n' things: Astral Towers' site: The music of this episode of The Big Scoop is taken from Kevin Macleod’s He has tons of royalty free music over at there, and you should totally check it out. Lobby Time Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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