MTM Episode #69 - Control Room Monitor Mixes Volume 1

Episode of: The Beatles Multi-Track Meltdown

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Jan 2, 201855m
MTM Episode #69 - Control Room Monitor Mixes Volume 1
Jan 2 '1855m
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The Beatles Multi-Track Meltdown features stripped down, deconstructed mixes of classic Beatles songs, live cuts, solo material, demos, and much more. By highlighting different instruments and vocals you will experience these songs in a way that you've never imagined. This show's going to put you in the control room with our first episode to feature control room monitor mixes. You might ask "What are control room monitor mixes?" They are recordings made while an artist is listening back to rough mixes of tracks that they've recorded. Often they include the artists discussing the song and arrangement and might even feature a possible harmony idea or instrumental part sung of played over the mix. The interesting thing about these particular mixes is that the songs are frequently at a stage where the final elements heard on the released mix are either not recorded yet, or mixed out while the artist and producer fine-tune different parts of the song.

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