Episode 27: Bryan Gates on Offense and Defense

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Nov 7, 201841m
Episode 27: Bryan Gates on Offense and Defense
Nov 7 '1841m
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Bryan Gates on Offense and Defense

Guest: Bryan Gates, Sacramento Kings Assistant Coach

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Sacramento Kings assistant coach Bryan Gates joins the podcast to discuss NBA player development, offense and defense. Bryan Gates enters his tenth season in the NBA and third season in his return to Sacramento after serving as an assistant coach for the Minnesota Timberwolves last season and the previous five seasons in a similar capacity with the New Orleans Pelicans. He entered the NBA coaching ranks with the Kings during the 2009-10 season following a highly-successful three-year stint as a head coach in the NBA D-League with the Idaho Stampede.



1:00 - Introduction

2:00 - Making Shooting Drills More Random

3:00 - NBA Players don't like to Pass in Shooting Drills

5:00 - Knowing Coach Gates

6:00 - The Shot Clock

7:00 - Guard Your Man

8:00 - Closeouts Stands and Controlling the Ball for a Second

9:30 - Value Your man and Understanding on the Offensive End

11:00 - Closeouts

13:00 - "Quicking"

14:30 - "3 feet" and Controlling the Ball for the First Second

15:30 - Arrive on a Catch

16:30 - One-way Closeouts

17:30 - In Denial Teams One Pass Away

20:00 - "You can't catch every raindrops"

21:00 - Defensive Guy

23:00 - Whispers in His Head

25:00 - Passing Drill in the NBA

27:00 - Passing Concepts

28:30 - Having a 5-and-0 Practice

30:00 - NBA are more Player Driven than Coach Driven

31:00 - Compete at a Higher Level at Practice

33:00 - Never Post Time on Practice

34:00 - Ideas of Being an Assistant Coach in the NBA

35:00 - Write Head Coach a Note, Text, Email

36:00 - Best Assistant Coach is Trying to help Head Coaches

37:30 - Helping Head Coach as Possible

38:00 - Assistant Coaches to Coach a Game

40:0 - Conclusion


Bryan Gates’ Bio

Bio: https://www.nba.com/kings/roster/bryan_gates


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