Ep 164 - Cal Major on paddleboarding the UK and post-adventure blues

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May 10, 20192h 31m
Ep 164 - Cal Major on paddleboarding the UK and post-adventure blues
May 10 '192h 31m
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Cal Major is on a mission to save our seas and oceans. A one-woman force of nature, Cal is founder of Paddle Against Plastic, a campaign designed to create awareness around the problem of plastic through her adventures. And what adventures!

Recently, Cal completed an epic journey paddle boarding the length of the UK from Lands End to John O'Groats to raise awareness, collect rubbish and shine a light on the problems in the mainstream press.

But that's just the start of it. In this episode Allie and Jody speak to Cal not only about her adventures at sea, but also on what it takes to face up to the mental challenge before, during and after. 

Cal opens up about why it has taken so long to talk about her expedition and the pressure to live up to others' expectations on social media and being in the public eye. It's a great interview that gives an insight into what it's like dealing with the mental aspect of many of the huge challenges featured on the podcast.

Plus, Jody and Allie catch up with news from the Arran Ultra, London Marathon and discuss some rather hot political topics in the running world right now.


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