#23 - INTERVIEW - Dr Clare Aniyam-Osigwe - “Making the Journey the Win”
Apr 8 '181h 2m
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This week I sit down with Entrepreneur, Allergist, Film Writer and Director, Dr Clare Anita-Osigwe. Clare is the Founder or Premae Skincare , the world’s first 100% allergen-friendly beauty brand which has won 17 awards, has been recognised by BET as a role model for women in business and more recently awarded the distinct honour of the British Empire Medal.

Clare’s journey is inspirational, from starting by mixing products from own kitchen, to building a company and now moving back into film, her first love with her directorial debut ‘No Shade’ - launching this year at the British Urban Film Festival. The film is a romantic drama which covers the issues of colourism and shadism from a British perspective.

Clare’s journey is a story or resilience and relentlessness towards her goals and vision which many will take inspiration from. In this episode you will learn:

- How to build confidence by ‘disconnecting’ and listening to your inner voice
- The keys to having resilience in pursuit of your goals
- How to develop your own measure of success
- How to focus on fulfilment and enjoy the journey

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