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065 | James' House
Sep 16 '1838m | se1e67
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This week we chat to a long time listener and friend of both of ours, James Garth! He gives us his unique perspective on being a husband, father and busy professional while also trying to learn and grow in the area of home organisation. In this interview James shares what he has learnt over the years to help his family run smoother and some fun life hacks. This is a great one to encourage your male friends, partners and organisationally challenged friends to listen to as James shares some gold with us with vulnerability and grace. So come have a giggle with us and enjoy this fun conversation!

Thanks to James for loving our podcasts, encouraging us and coming in to record an episode with us. Thanks too to Belinda for lending us James for the day!

Things we mention in this episode:
Kallax Series

Drones Box

Bag for Aerial Drones

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