Ep 9 - Five from the Archives - The Gypsy Rover

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Sep 22, 20168m
Ep 9 - Five from the Archives - The Gypsy Rover
Sep 22 '168m
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Tracing the journey of the ballad “The Gypsy Laddie” from the British Isles to the southern United States, we see one of the most fascinating examples of the way folk songs adapt to the singer, and the time and place in which they are singing. This episode on “The Gypsy Rover” features a rare Alan Lomax recording, in part one of two on descendents of the old Scottish folksong. Original recordings featured in this episode (in order of occurrence): - “The Wandering Folksong: The Gypsy Laddie,” featuring George Armstrong, 03/30/1979 - “Seven Yellow Gypsies” performed by Paddy Doran, and narration by Alan Lomax, from BBC documentary Alan Lomax: Ballad Hunter, circa 1958 References: - The English and Scottish Popular Ballads, Vol. IV by Francis J. Child - http://www.gypsyloresociety.org/ - http://www.oldtownschool.org/resourcecenter/songnotes/

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