Ep 16 - 60 Years Of Folk, Part 4: A bigger tent

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Jan 4, 201847m
Ep 16 - 60 Years Of Folk, Part 4: A bigger tent
Jan 4 '1847m
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By the early 1980s, “folk” was a four-letter word, and the Old Town School was nearly empty. Part four of the series explores how the school endured by broadening and redefining the meaning of “folk” throughout the 80s and 90s, under the leadership of executive director Jim Hirsch and program director Michael Miles. This is part four of a six-part documentary series on the 60-year history of Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music, told through the voices and songs of the people who were there. Many of the stories featured were gathered in collaboration with StoryCorps this year, along with music and interviews from the archive in the school’s Resource Center. Go to oldtownschool.org/StoryCorps to hear more excerpts, full interviews, and to learn more about this ongoing partnership. Original recordings featured in this episode (in order of occurrence): - “Glory of Love” performed by Big Bill Broonzy live at Circle Pines Center, circa 1950s - StoryCorps conversation between Jim Hirsch & Skip Landt, 7/6/2017 - “San Francisco Bay Blues” performed by Frank Hamilton at Holstein’s, Old Town School 25th anniversary concert, 1982 - “Hey, Billie Jean” performed by Corky Siegel at Orchestra Hall, Old Town School Benefit, 1/16/1987 - “Loreta” performed by Paulinho García, La Peña at 4544 N Lincoln Ave, 11/17/1999 - StoryCorps conversation between Skip Landt & Rick Sherry, 1/25/2017 - “Hen House Blues” performed by Fran Landt, Skip Landt, Jonathan Whitier & Michelle Kaminsky, 909 W Armitage, 12/1/1988 - StoryCorps conversation between Michael Miles & Skip Landt, 10/20/2017 - “Come On In My Kitchen” performed by Michael Miles, 4544 N Lincoln Ave, 10/18/2003 - “Just A Closer Walk With Thee” performed by Elaine Moore, Old Town School of Folk Music Songbook Vol. 1, 2006 - “Sportin’ Life” performed by Mary Peterson, Old Town School of Folk Music Songbook Vol. 2 & 3 [Disc 1], 2007 - StoryCorps conversation between Reggio McLaughlin & Mareva Lindo, 1/25/2017 - “Chicago Reel” (trad., from O’Neill’s Music of Ireland) performed by Liz Carroll & Mike Austin, StoryCorps recording, 1/26/2017 - StoryCorps conversation between Liz Carroll & Mike Austin, 1/26/2017 - Paul Tyler interview by Mareva Lindo, 7/1/2016 - “Shady Grove” performed by The Volo Bogtrotters, Flea Market Radio Show at 909 W Armitage, 11/30/1986 Additional recordings featured: - “Is It Because I’m Black (Instrumental)” by Syl Johnson, from Light: On the South Side book and box set, 2009 -- http://www.numerogroup.com/products/light-on-the-south-side

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