Ep 14.5 - EXTRA: Ted & Marcia Johnson

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Dec 7, 20178m
Ep 14.5 - EXTRA: Ted & Marcia Johnson
Dec 7 '178m
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This is a special mini episode featuring the stories of Ted and Marcia Johnson, who you heard in both of the last two episodes. Ted and Marcia met at the Old Town School in in the early sixties, and have now been married for over 50 years. Ted was involved before the Old Town School even began, in a group guitar class led by Frank Hamilton in Dawn Greening's Oak Park living room; he soon went on to become the school’s second teacher. In this extra, they talk about their role in establishing the long-running Chicago Sacred Harp Singers community, as well as the Old Town School’s impact on their lives to this day. To hear the full conversation, listen to excerpts from other conversations, or to learn more about the project, go to www.oldtownschool.org/StoryCorps. Music: "All My Trials" performed by Ted Johnson & Shirley Hirsch, 4/15/1962

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