Ep 1 - The Armstrongs, Part 1: Introducing the Armstrongs

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Jul 19, 201519m
Ep 1 - The Armstrongs, Part 1: Introducing the Armstrongs
Jul 19 '1519m
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The Archives is a podcast brought to you by the Resource Center at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music. This series is dedicated to exploring and celebrating the people and events that have shaped the vibrant folk community of Chicago, with the Old Town School at its center. In Episode 1, Mareva Lindo and Emma Rothman introduce the Armstrong family and discuss their contributions to the Old Town School, the wider Chicago folk community, and ethnomusicological knowledge. Original recordings featured in this podcast include (in order of occurrence): - Bagpipes performed by George Armstrong, 3/20/1982 - "Wild Mountain Thyme," performed live by George, Gerry, Rebecca & Jennifer Armstrong, 4/26/1975 - "Queen Eleanor’s Confession," performed by Jennifer and Rebecca Armstrong, ca. 1975 - "Foreign Lander," performed by George and Gerry Armstrong, ca. 1975 - "Abide With Us, Oh Lord," performed by George, Gerry, Rebecca and Jennifer Armstrong, and Howie Mitchell, at the home of Lee Monroe Presnell in Beech Mountain, North Carolina, 07/13/1963 - "Hop Along Peter," Armstrong Party Guests at New Years Day Party, 1963 - "Simple Gifts," performed live by George and Gerry Armstrong, 3/20/1982 For more information about the Old Town School of Folk Music, visit www.oldtownschool.org.

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