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Apr 22, 201913m
Apr 2213m
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Shula confesses to Alan that her absence from church is down to her, not the institution. Her decree absolute has come through and she’s tussling with the concept of breaking her vows and yet being a lay reader. Alan encourages her not to send God away and live in doubt, but to find a way to accept God’s invitation to be in her life. Will’s still trying to patch things up with Mia over his attitude to Ruairi. He’s sorry. He tries to explain to her that it’s only because he cares. But Mia doesn’t get it. She was horribly embarrassed at his treatment of Ruairi. He’s just a friend, she doesn’t need protecting. Her mum would have handled this better. Deeply hurt by this remark, Will is comforted by Emma. She’s looking for a childminder as Ed’s had a lucrative last minute job come up. But Will’s busy and not up for it. Later Mia’s disgusted when she thinks her request for help with her maths is taken the wrong way by Ruairi. This is Will’s fault, she tells Emma. Her friendship with Ruairi was fine until he messed it up. Emma assures her Will thinks the world of all his kids. He’s trying his best to be two parents at once. Mia softens a little. Emma tells her she’s a tough little star, like her mum. Mia assures her she’s totally fine.

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