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Apr 21, 201913m
Apr 2113m
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Shula helps Elizabeth prepare Cranford Crystal for the Lower Loxley Easter event. It’s a good crowd – they need more events like this. Elizabeth is looking forward to her birthday tea with family. Kenton promises Shula he’ll behave. Shula’s pleased to see Elizabeth laugh properly at something silly in the Cruck Barn. Kenton reports Jolene was a success at last night’s gig. Kenton doesn’t approve of Russ’s upcoming ‘Brexart’ exhibition at Lower Loxley. Tom and Natasha are being super-nice to each other and determined to see everything at Lower Loxley. Russ, dressed as the Easter Bunny, has been stung and retires injured. Kenton persuades reluctant Tom to fill in. Natasha feels the Archer family runs half the county. She finds Ambridge a bit intimidating, but Emma’s pleased she’s working hard to fit in. Emma promises to take her for coffee and give her the lowdown on village life and the residents. Tom’s not happy Natasha’s going for lunch with her ex, Trev. Natasha assures him there’s nothing in it, and makes it clear she won’t be told who she can and can’t see. With an effort Tom tells her to go ahead.

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