The Rider: Driest Roast

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Mar 30, 20171h 13m
The Rider: Driest Roast
Mar 30 '171h 13m
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Neil Atkinson, Stephanie Heneghan and Adam Melia are without John in the flesh this week but his spirit remains strong. It is his gig of the week in Rome. Talk of Roller Derby, Dave Chappelle, half marathons and, inevitably, Moel Famau dominate the wham. The songs are terrific. Nine of them, one held back in John's honour... 9 slabs of Wham, 9 great Songs. Tracklisting Future Islands - Cave Kendrick Lamar - The Heart part 4 !!! - The One 2 Frontier Ruckus - 27 Dollars Secret Meadow - Same Old Fear Jacques Green - To Say Gorillaz feat Vince Staples - Ascension Sweet Tempest - Colourful Rain Frank Ocean - Chanel

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