The Anfield Wrap: The Biggest Of Weeks

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Apr 29, 20181h 0m
The Anfield Wrap: The Biggest Of Weeks
Apr 29 '181h 0m
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The Anfield Wrap this week focusses on three main areas:  - Liverpool 0 Stoke City 0  - Steven Gerrard going to Glasgow Rangers  - Looking ahead to the Champions League Semi Final against AS Roma.  Stoke City was a frustrating affair defined by mistakes from the referee and Liverpool in front of goal. Did Jurgen Klopp take a point?  Gerrard shifting to Rangers tells us about his ambition. Are we surprised by this?  The game against AS Roma is the biggest in the careers of many of these Liverpool players. What should we be expecting.  Neil Atkinson hosts Charlotte Campbell, Steve Graves and Paul Johnson.  To subscribe to The Anfield Wrap click here -

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