The Anfield Wrap: Champions League Dreams

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May 20, 20181h 12m
The Anfield Wrap: Champions League Dreams
May 20 '181h 12m
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The Anfield Wrap starts to look ahead to the week of Liverpool's eighth European Cup Final filled with excitement, trepidation, joy. All the obvious stuff. We work through all the feelings and get into the facts - how good our opponents are, what this means to Liverpool, what can be expected from the game and how it will be approached. We also speak to the producer of the Mo Salah documentary screening this week on Channel 4\. Tony Pastor has years of experience of documenting the brilliance of footballers but he has had to pull this one about Salah together quickly. He lets us know how good it will be on Channel 4 at 10pm on Tuesday. Then we are back at it, back at The Reds and their brilliance. Can they punish any complacency from Real Madrid. Neil Atkinson hosts and is joined by Sanj Shetty, Dan Morgan and belatedly by Stu Wright. The Anfield Wrap is supported by Redsbet this year. Find their Champions League specials here but do remember to

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