TAW Special: The Owen McVeigh Foundation

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Oct 16, 201755m
TAW Special: The Owen McVeigh Foundation
Oct 16 '1755m
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Many Liverpool fans will have heard the name Owen McVeigh, the 11 year-old Liverpool fan who tragically lost his life to Leukaemia in 2015, and even more will be familiar with the flag made in his honour and the t-shirts that have been seen the world over, but some of you may not know about the foundation set up in his memory. In to talk to Andy Heaton about the Owen McVeigh Foundation are his Dad Mark and Adam Kearns who was instrumental in helping the McVeigh family set up the foundation and is a member of the foundation committee. Mark and Adam talk to Andy about the aims of the foundation, how it was set and some of the help that has been done in Owen’s memory. You can support the foundation in any number of ways, their website can be reached at http://owenmcveighfoundation.co.uk or you can purchase the now famous t-shirt at Hat Scarf or a badge on the following link http://hat-scarf-or-a-badge.com/Pre-Order-Owen-Mcveigh-Foundation-T-Shirt The foundation also has Facebook and Twitter profiles at the following addresses - Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/owenmcveighfoundation Twitter - https://twitter.com/mcveigh_owen

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