034: Don't Be a Weiner - Impulse Control (Lessons from Prison)

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Mar 5, 201940m
034: Don't Be a Weiner - Impulse Control (Lessons from Prison)
Mar 5 '1940m
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In this important episode, we discuss the ways that men struggle to control their impulses: rude comments, sexual mismanagement, anger and aggression are all explored as well as ways to take better control of urges coming from the surges of testosterone. Mike describes the differences between men and women as evidenced by their behaviors in their respective prisons, where he spends time every day for months at a time. 

Derik drops knowledge: "Society really lives or dies with how men choose to use their masculine attributes." We should be using our power to protect, not to dominate others. Masculine impulses, depending on how they are channeled, will make or break you." 

Mike teaches about 'the moment before the moment' where the control over these impulses can best be maintained. 

Excellent episode, guys! 

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