The Agenda - Episode 4 "Bro Job"

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Dec 3, 201859m
The Agenda - Episode 4 "Bro Job"
Dec 3 '1859m
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This episode's panel features Jeremy Wells, Matt Heath & James McOnie. The Agenda Topics touched on this episode are: #1 Shaun Jonhson (01:10) #2 Bowls V Darts (08:36) #3 The Greatest Ever Christmas Song (22:49) #4 Nathan McCullum, Is He Dead? (30:56) #5 No More Porn At Starbucks (35:00) Social Media Fire - If you get your butthole bleached but don’t shave do you get frosted tips? (41:40) Best Smith to play for NZ: Ben, Aaron, Mandy or other? (44:45) What has happened to DJ A-Hole? (48: 32) With the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, which member of the ACC would survive/cope the best in the wild west? (55:40) Scenario - Would you rather for one year... poo you pants once every day but nobody knew, or pee your pants once a week but everybody knew? (55:47)

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