NO More Diets, Just Healthy Living for Women Professionals

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Sep 6, 201131m
NO More Diets, Just Healthy Living for Women Professionals
Sep 6 '1131m
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Financial commitments in an unhealthy economy that require you to stretch budgets and pay bills that also give your money and wallets a brutal workout. Taking care of your health is even more important to ensure stress does not take its dangerous hold of your life.  Despite those things that may be slimming down in your life, make smart decisions that won’t allow your body to gain in girth! Health professional Laura Foote shares how to get your mind and body engaged to think about healthy living. With an educational background including studies in physiology, nutrition, cardiac rehabilitation, sports psychology, and positive psychology of wellness, Laura has focused her practice on her passion; helping people lose weight. She heads Genesis 3 Companies. Learn how to rethink weight loss, tossing useless diets and bad exercise programs from your tool box. Laura talks with Host Jewel Daniels about ways to unravel weight loss challenges and lays the groundwork for new personal insights to new as well as effective strategies to help fight the bulge.  Be sure to visit

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