How to Survive Your Toxic Boss, back by popular demand

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Apr 10, 201232m
How to Survive Your Toxic Boss, back by popular demand
Apr 10 '1232m
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It was sooooo good, our listeners asked for a replay!.  Tune into Carol-Ann Hamilton, noted corporate visionary and author discusses how to transform the workplace. Carol shares insights about surviving an unhealthy workplace behaviors and methods for dealing better with your toxic boss.Grab hold to tools that you can implement immediately in the "real" world to Step Out of Your Sandbox! nnd find your way to professional success. The Tenacious Woman Radio Show focuses on business survival and life management for women entrepreneurs and working professionals. The program airs every Tenacious Tuesday at 5:30 PM on BlogTalk Radio with Host Jewel...Daniels leading conversations and providing resources for the persistent woman working to demonstrate excellence in business while achieving wholeness in her personal life. The show is the sister to a line of branded initiatives that include the Tenacious Woman Conference, Summits, Webinars, and Tenacious Woman Press featuring the It Takes Tenacity book. We also give women the opportunity to Promote your Products and Services and be featured on the Show. For more information, visit www.tenaciouswoman.comor call 912.443.1996.             

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