Creative Marketing and Branding to Reach Your Ideal Customer

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Jul 5, 201131m
Creative Marketing and Branding to Reach Your Ideal Customer
Jul 5 '1131m
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Michele Baker, the innovative mastermind at Baker Creative, is a marketing and social media guru. On Tuesday’s Show, Michele will tackle challenges many small to medium business face in the daily effort to remain visible and pertinent in a highly competitive and global marketplace. With experience that ranges from branding to social media and retail marketing, studying marketing trends is a part of her every day business. Baker Creative includes Columbus Colleges of Art and Design, Kingy's Pizza and the Gap amongst its list of clients. Tune in to learn important elements about: Creative marketing moves for small and growing businessesHow to craft a message that is consistent and captivatingVarious marketing trends and their impact on your business Visit us on line for more program details at Tenacious Woman and grab a copy of It Takes Tenacity today! We would love to hear your thoughts, call us @ 912.443.1995.

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