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Mar 17, 202026m | se1 : e1
Splunk's James Hodge
Mar 1726m | se1e1
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Definitions of big data vary, but for the sake of argument, let's just say it means "lots and lots and lots of information," data that's produced in ever-increasing amounts by every online interaction we undertake.

Can big data be put to use, or is it just a stream of zeros and ones that move so quickly our minds are overwhelmed? The answer is that there are, without doubt, nuggets of amazing insight in amongst all the cat pictures and 'Grammed shots of what people are about to eat.

But how best to get to the good stuff? Splunk thinks it has the answers. As the company transitions its position as providers of a platform most IT professionals think of as a piece in the cybersecurity arsenal, James tells us how and why we need to start thinking differently when it comes to our tech lives.

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