Episode 3 - Jeffrey Carver Jr.

Episode of: Tank Slappin' Podcast w/ Bell

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Jan 1, 20201h 28m
Episode 3 - Jeffrey Carver Jr.
Jan 11h 28m
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Episode three of the podcast is finally here and we finally have a name! Give the new page a like, Tank Slappin' Podcast w/ CTex & JJ5. This episode we talk national numbers and what can we do to make them great again. Who would win a Wiles vs Mees wrestling match? How will an AFT Wildcard work in 2020? Our guest this week is Jeffrey Carver. We talk about his plans for 2020, what it’s been like to work with tuners like Ron Wood, his amateur days battling with Brad Baker & Shayna Texter, Framers or DTX bikes and much more. Disclaimer: There were a few F bombs dropped, but don’t worry, the mic picked them up! Our correspondent Noah Chambers is back this week and chimes in about his progress from going pro moto to pro flat track.

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