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Jan 31 '1848m
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On this episode of Talkin' Tom, Josie and Daniel get together for their earliest morning yet. Can they stay awake for the 1985 flick that features Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and John Candy? This is one of Tom's lesser known films, but is that for good reason? Join along as they discuss the things they'd miss the most if they were stranded on a desert island, and the legacy of John Candy. Featuring a new edition of "Guess the Plot!", "Talk Tom to Us" and #HanksHappenings. 'Hanks for Listening! www.talkintom.com www.twitter.com/podhankstomcast www.instagram.com/podhankstomcast www.twitter.com/josievorenkamp www.twitter.com/thatdanielott Logo by Jackie Phillips (www.preciousbeast.com) Theme by JCW (www.thejcw.bandcamp.com)

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